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Our Crowd is an early stage open community platform that seeks to help local people solve local problems.

Below you'll find a problem a local family is facing during lockdown. After familiarising yourself with the challenge please share any ideas you may have to help this family. 

All ideas are anonymous and will be collected and shared with the family and the community. 

The Challenge

A family of three - Mum, Dad and an eight-year-old child - are struggling to adapt to the current situation. Since the 'lockdown' they have found juggling their commitments of family, business, study and homeschooling a challenge.


Dad is a partner in an architect firm and is now working from home. He needs silence at times during the day and is often in meetings. He works from the bedroom, partly converted into an office. Mum is studying a post-grad psychology degree. She has deadlines, needs time to study and requires a private space for ideas and thinking. Her temporary office is in the living area. Like many eight-year-olds, the child is boisterous, loves to have fun and misses her friends. Her parents are taking it in turns to homeschool her, but she doesn't truly understand whats going on.


The family are finding the situation overwhelming and trying to juggle their commitments as well as homeschooling has lead to short tempers and arguments.

How might we help this family bring balance to their work/home life during the lockdown?