About Me

I am a multi-hyphenate designer with experiences and expertise in a wide range of design applications - with training in speculative design, graphic design, service design and design management. Central to all my work is a human-centred approach. I design with people, not for people.  

In my current role as a Senior Creative Executive, I focus on uniting business strategy with design strategy - managing an array of multi-disciplinary projects, individuals and stakeholders. Using co-creation and design tools to enable people to make. 

My most recent accomplishment would be completing a Master's Degree from Ravensbourne University in Design Management Innovation. Considering myself as a serial design thinker, the Master's Degree has helped me refine my own thinking whilst giving me the skills to support other's ability for design thinking. 

I'm looking for new opportunities that continue to give me hands-on experience with design and design thinking. With an empathise on human-centred design. 

Team Roles
Belbin - Tier One
Belbin - Tier Two

Belbin - Tier Three
 Team Worker
Belsky - Ideas Happen